Tony F. Soza-Ray Martinez, Thunderbird Post 41




Victory Place III

Victory Place III is a 75-unit complex in South Phoenix with permanent housing and support services for homeless and formerly homeless Veterans (male & female) aged 55 and older. The situation is that now they have a unit to live in, which has a bed, bureau, chair, coffee machine, toaster, and microwave. However, most Veterans over 55 years old receive no Social Security yet; their VA Disability for the month is less than $400.00, and some are under $200.00. They cannot afford to go out and buy the items to complete their living arrangements when they still have to buy their food. Assistance is needed to get these Veterans to complete their transition from homelessness to sustainable living on their own in a safe and community environment. The organization is looking for donations to help permanently equip these 75 units with dishes, pots n pans, drinking glasses, coffee cups, bowls, eating utensils, cooking utensils, can openers, and full-size bedding, washcloths, towels, etc., etc. The goal is for all 75 units to have a place setting for 4 in each unit.  If it's a box of dishes for a serving of 8, it can be split and used to supply two units.  These donations do not have to be bought new; they could be those extras in our own home that we haven't used in ages. All that is asked is that items are not broken, dented, rusted, or cracked. These must be able to be immediately used by these Veterans.

Victory Place III is located at 850 E Jones Avenue, just east of 7th St. and North of Broadway in Phoenix.

Our Unit 41 American Legion Auxiliary is taking donations for this effort.  Questions and coordination can be made with Unit 41 member Erma Lopez, (480)510-4906.