Tony F. Soza-Ray Martinez, Thunderbird Post 41


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The Braun-Sacred Heart Center is pleased to announce the latest update in our Veterans Hall of Fame, Ray Martinez.  The bio was written by Ray’s daughter, Norma Kiermayr, and his great granddaughter, Kaley Kiermayr.  Photos were provided by Norma Kiermayr.  The very fine video interview was conducted by former TV newsman and personality, Carlos Jurado, for the Braun-Sacred Heart Center in 1993.

It is not often that the community can actually see and hear a very important figure in Phoenix history describe the activities and people that played a major role in desegregating a very, very segregated Phoenix, Arizona.  Ray Martinez was a primary force in the formation of American Legion Post 41, which, aside from the camaraderie, was formed precisely to deal with the indignities suffered before World War II.  Ray Martinez personifies the steeled, peaceful, determination of the veteranos who had faced the incredible violence of war in defense of their country, and then peacefully commanded their city to respect their rights.

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 58 minutes of the Ray Martinez interview are presented in 5 parts:

Part 1: Discrimination and Segregation in Phoenix Prior to World War II [8:54]

Part 2: Post 41 On a Mission for Social Change. [16:52]

Part 3:  No Sales to Mexicans. [10:55]

Part 4: Faith, Family, Anglo Support, and Patriots. [9:59]

Part 5: East Madison Settlement and Organizing for Education Funding. [11:20] 




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