Tony F. Soza-Ray Martinez, Thunderbird Post 41



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Mr. LeVecke served in the Marines for five years; he joined Post 41 in 2008, and began his involvement by asking what the post needed most.  Many of you might recall the cover over our patio was aged and weather beaten. Well Mr. LeVecke offered to donate the awning that we now enjoy our events under; it also added beauty to the exterior of our post home. Mr. LeVecke is extremely involved with our community and is on a number of business and community boards. He is a successful businessman proudly carrying on the successful legacy of his grandfather, Carl Karcher. Mr. LeVecke has been quoted to say; “I learned a lot of great things from my grandfather about business and life in general.  Hard work, commitment to family, and commitment to community were among the most important things my grandfather taught me.

Mr. LeVecke did not stop with the support of the patio awning; he put us in contact with the construction companies that assisted us, with at cost consideration and donations to complete the work of the roof trusses.  We are proud to have a man of such caliber amongst our ranks.